The Maine Renewable Energy Association (“MREA”) and RENEW Northeast (“RENEW”) are pleased to welcome the American Wind Energy Association’s Wind Energy Conference – Northeast to the Portland Marriott at Sable Oaks on Tuesday, July 19, and Wednesday, July 20.

“MREA and RENEW are thrilled that AWEA has again chosen Portland, Maine for its regional wind conference. Hundreds of people are coming to Maine to talk about all the exciting investment, employment, and clean air benefits of developing wind farms,” said Jeremy Payne, MREA Executive Director.

“Maine has a fantastic workforce, a longstanding tradition of working our lands and developing our natural resources – and a careful desire to protect our environment through clean water and air,” added Payne.

“Wind energy also helps deliver consumer savings because it has become increasingly cost-competitive. Technological improvements allow wind turbines to reach stronger, steadier winds,” explained Francis Pullaro, RENEW Northeast Executive Director, and AWEA Regional Partner. “Throughout New England, large-scale renewable energy projects are the most cost-competitive way to generate clean electricity, and larger wind farms deliver the lowest prices,” said Pullaro.

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