The brightest minds in the wind industry — among them, Sen. Angus King — are in town for a two-day American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) summit, discussing how to do wind better.

The senator called alternative energy critical pieces to saving the earth. “Fortunately, the technology in your industry, in solar, in electrical vehicles, in batteries and storage seems to be coming together at the right moment.”

And according to Peter Kelley, Vice President of Public Affairs for AWEA, it’s also coming in at a better price. “The cost has gone down so much that we’re now 66 percent cheaper than 6 years ago,” explained Kelley, “so people are just now catching up with the fact that this is not just good for the environment, it’s good for the economy.”

Due to the state’s geography and sheer land mass, Executive Director of Renewable Energy New England (RENEW) Francis Pullaro says it’s also superior to other New England states in generating both wind and solar energy. “Particularly Connecticut and Rhode Island have limited opportunities to build wind and solar on land because of their small size and big populations, so they’re really dependent on Maine as a resource for clean energy.”

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