RENEW Northeast Calls for Multistate Planning and Investment in New England Transmission Grid 

Recent polling sites strong support across New England for investment and expanded transmission to support renewable energy development and carbon reduction

BOSTON, MA – Tuesday, April 4, 2023 – RENEW Northeast (RENEW), a non-profit association uniting the renewable energy industry and environmental interest groups to support renewable energy development in New England, yesterday hosted the ‘New England Transmission Forum,’ where it convened renewable energy developers, environmental advocates, policymakers and regulators, and thought leaders to call for urgent collaboration and strategic investment in the region’s transmission grid to enable cost-effective renewable energy development and achieve carbon reduction goals. 

“Transmission constraints have created challenges for renewable energy deployment, from the steep costs to interconnect new projects to the curtailment of existing land-based wind and solar,” said Francis Pullaro, Executive Director, RENEW Northeast. “New England needs a next-generation transmission system that’s realized through multi-state and federal cooperation and investment. Unlocking our transmission system promises to be a critically important and valuable investment that will pay us back with clean energy and cost savings.”

The Forum, which featured keynote remarks from Senator Edward J. Markey and Maria Robison, Director of the Grid Deployment Office in the U.S. Department of Energy, convened two panels to discuss the existing obstacles and potential opportunities to incentivize on- and off-shore renewable energy development, as well as a discussion with state policymakers and regulators on a joint effort under the New England States Regional Transmission Initiative to pursue funding from the Department of Energy that will expand grid capacity and build new infrastructure.

“It is time for us to boldly step into the future. It is time to unleash an unbelievable amount of clean energy and clean jobs, here in New England and across the nation. It is time to retire the tired grid of yesterday and build a grid for tomorrow. Thanks to the historic investments in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act that I fought so hard for last Congress, the United States has a down payment on the funding and federal support to make this future a reality,” said Senator Edward J. Markey, D – Massachusetts.

The urgency around coordinated planning and investment in New England’s transmission grid comes on the heels of a RENEW Northeast poll that found voters in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine strongly support (92%) multi-state efforts to build new transmission, and that more than 90% of those surveyed are supportive of new transmission lines being built in or near their communities. And, despite growing energy cost concerns, a solid majority in the poll (69%) indicated they would be willing pay more for transmission to bring more renewable energy into the grid.

About RENEW: RENEW Northeast ( unites environmental advocates with developers and operators of the region’s largest clean energy projects to coordinate their ideas and resources with the goal of increasing environmentally sustainable power generation in New England from the region’s abundant renewable energy resources. Follow us on Twitter @Renew_NE.

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