Offshore wind development

“Today’s Record of Decision by BOEM comes with a feeling of elation for citizens, companies, environmentalists, and communities invested in a sustainable future for Massachusetts and for the nation,” said Francis Pullaro, Executive Director of RENEW Northeast, a non-profit that unites clean energy companies and environmental organizations in the pursuit of expanded renewable energy development. “The Biden Administration has issued a groundbreaking decision that signifies a long-term commitment to American offshore wind development. It is notable and commendable that BOEM considered viewpoints from local communities, labor, Native American tribes, and environmentalists – ensuring that renewable energy will not come at the expense of the coastal and marine environment. This decision ushers in an era of clean, affordable energy that will help states meet carbon reduction goals while spurring creation of tens of thousands of well-paying jobs.”

Francis Pullaro
Executive Director
RENEW Northeast

RENEW Northeast is a non-profit association uniting the renewable energy industry and environmental advocates whose mission involves coordinating the ideas and resources of its members with the goal of increasing environmentally sustainable energy generation in the Northeast from the region’s abundant, indigenous renewable resources.

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