On April 8, 2014, RENEW testified on House Bill No. 3968, An Act relative to clean energy resources, before the Massachusetts General Court’s Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy.

The legislation enables Massachusetts to participate in the effort of the New England States being developed at this moment to achieve a historic transformation of the region’s energy infrastructure. With New England’s governors aiming this year to run coordinated clean energy procurements and select transmission proposals to deliver clean energy to the grid, RENEW urged the Committee to adopt the legislation, with some modifications, this spring to ensure Massachusetts can participate.

In its testimony, RENEW encouraged Massachusetts and all the states of New England to consider clean energy procurements and electric transmission upgrades be designed to maximize the development of the region’s own renewable resources while minimizing the need for ratepayers to support new or upgraded natural gas pipeline capacity and hydropower imports.

A “renewables first” strategy can reduce carbon emissions on the time-scale needed and further the objectives of renewable energy, reliability and economic development policies.

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