Subject: Imposition of duties on imports of solar products from Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam

Secretary Raimondo:

RENEW Northeast, Inc. (“RENEW”)1 submits these comments in opposition to the imposition of duties on imports of solar products from Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. The recent requests for anti-circumvention inquiries, filed by an anonymous group of petitioners, go against the Biden Administration’s clean energy initiatives, and threaten an industry that is an important driver of growth in our economy.

Northeast States have strong requirements to deploy renewable resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be attained without solar energy. Imposing these tariffs will stall the growth of solar energy and increase costs to consumers. The Commerce Department should be encouraging green technologies like solar rather than creating barriers that will stunt the growth of clean, alternative sources of electricity.

RENEW stands with President Biden’s initiatives for combatting climate change. America cannot reach its climate goals without a thriving solar industry. An investigation and imposition of additional duties on solar products would hinder the work of companies, including our members, who are working towards a cleaner energy future.

Expanding antidumping and countervailing duties that are intended for Chinese imports of solar products to imports from Southeast Asia will have a detrimental economic impact. The American solar industry is an engine for economic growth, providing hundreds of millions of dollars in investment each year, and creating countless well-paying American jobs. It employs over 230,000 workers across the country. The number of jobs will need double by 2030 and more than triple by 2035 to meet the Administration’s clean electricity goal. That growth can be hindered by the threatened actions.

Rather than initiating anti-circumvention inquiries, RENEW respectfully requests the Commerce Department allow the American solar industry to flourish. It’s good for the environment and good for our economy.


Francis Pullaro
Executive Director
RENEW Northeast

1 The comments expressed herein represent the views of RENEW and not necessarily those of any particular member of RENEW. RENEW is a non-profit association uniting environmental advocates and the renewable energy industry whose mission involves coordinating the ideas and resources of its members with the goal of increasing environmentally sustainable energy generation in the Northeast from the region’s abundant, indigenous renewable resources. RENEW has focused on highlighting the value of grid-scale renewable resources- specifically offshore and land-based wind, solar and hydropower- and the benefits of transmission investment to deliver renewable energy to load centers in the Northeast. RENEW members own and/or are developing large-scale renewable energy projects and high-voltage transmission facilities across the Northeast. They are supported by members providing engineering, procurement and construction services in the development of these projects and members that supply them with multi-megawatt class wind turbines.

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