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Madison, Connecticut. November 17, 2020.

RENEW Northeast, a leading regional renewable organization governed by both environmental and industry interests today launched a “Just the Facts” campaign designed to educate the public on renewable energy.

“Discussions of renewable energy can get complex quickly. Too often, those of us promoting renewables confuse the public by using little understood industry terms like megawatts, capacity factors and levelized costs,” said Francis Pullaro, Executive Director of RENEW. “This campaign strives to cut through the jargon and tell the renewable energy story simply and clearly.”

Each day RENEW Northeast will post a simple renewable energy fact on its Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels. Facts will focus on the economic, environmental and energy benefits of renewable power, with an emphasis on offshore wind and electric storage.

“This is an important campaign for our current moment,” said Abby L. Watson, Head of Government Affairs, North America for Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy and current Chair of RENEW Northeast’s Board of Directors. “The global pandemic and unchecked climate change have both produced devastating consequences for public health and economic prosperity, and job-producing, non-emitting renewable energy is positioned to address both of these challenges. State legislators continue to debate how to best integrate renewables into energy policy and these facts will help inform them and their constituents.”

To learn more about the campaign, see the facts and their sources, visit and follow RENEW Northeast on Facebook (@renew-Neast), Twitter (@Renew_NE), and LinkedIn (@renew-northeast)

Media Contact:
Joyce McMahon
(978) 430-8847

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