RENEW Northeast (RENEW) is a non-profit association uniting the renewable energy industry and environmental interest groups whose mission involves coordinating the ideas and resources of its members with the goal of promoting and increasing renewable energy in New England and New York.

RENEW works to create and strengthen the public policies that will lead to the development and integration of high levels of renewable energy production for the benefit of the region. Modeled after successful organizations in other parts of the country, RENEW was initially a collaborative project of the wind industry and public interest environmental organizations. RENEW’s goal is to recruit as members other renewable energy companies, suppliers, utilities and manufacturers that share a common vision of clean, renewable and environmentally responsible power development. RENEW strives to be a single, coherent voice for its membership to achieve renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction goals by sharing resources and aligning messages. RENEW takes a leadership role in policy development on renewable energy issues before ISO New England and NYISO, state legislatures, governors, and utility commissions.


Francis Pullaro is the Executive Director of RENEW Northeast (RENEW)- an association of the renewable energy industry and environmental public interest groups in New York and New England. In leading RENEW Mr. Pullaro promotes clean renewable technologies for the region that will increase energy diversity, spur economic development, and improve environmental quality.