RENEW is a non-profit association uniting the renewable energy industry and environmental advocates whose mission involves coordinating the ideas and resources of its members with the goal of increasing environmentally sustainable energy generation in the Northeast from the region’s abundant, indigenous renewable resource.

RENEW has focused on highlighting the value of grid-scale resources- specifically offshore and onshore wind, solar, small hydropower, and energy storage systems- and the benefits of transmission investment to deliver renewable energy.

RENEW members own and/or are developing large-scale energy facilities across the Northeast. Others are independent transmission developers with proposals for transmission facilities to deliver renewable energy. They are supported by members providing engineering, procurement & construction services in the development of these projects and members that supply them with multi-megawatt class wind turbines.


Collaborate and build relationships with renewable energy industry leaders and environmental advocates.

Complimentary attendance at RENEW policy conferences, “lunch and learn” events, and technical workshops.

Advocacy on your business goals before state officials, legislators and ISO New England.

Subscription to email policy alerts, periodic newsletters, and in-depth issue analysis.

Enhance your organization’s profile through your commitment to helping grow the region’s renewable energy resources and meet its environmental goals.


Protect and expand state Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS).

Advance state policies to promote development of large-scale renewable energy resources through long-term commitments and regional coordination of renewable energy procurement.

Push Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) states to incorporate their 2030 carbon reduction goals into electric sector reductions and lock those reductions into a region-wide 2030 RGGI carbon cap.

Promote siting standards based on good science.

Support siting rules that strike a balance between the need for renewable energy projects and environmental impacts.

Advocate for competitively selected transmission projects to facilitate deliverability of environmentally responsible renewable energy resources to load centers.

Shorten the time and lower costs for renewable energy developers to receive approval from ISO New England to connect projects to the grid.

Ensure renewable resources are not disadvantaged under proposed changes to ISO New England market rules.



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